QATCAN Ontario Inc. represents the most reputed multinational suppliers, which are considered the top between the elite international manufacturers, in their range of products and continuously works on diversifying its product to include an ever-growing range of healthcare products and consumer goods.

Cleaning Products of removing visible material, such as dirt, grease, blood and body fluids and reducing the number of infectious micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores).

Consumables for an item to perform its basic function, e.g. immersion oil is essential for microscopes. Consumables are also items that are used within a short time, e.g. cotton wool.

Disinfection for removing or reducing the number of micro-organisms to levels that are no longer harmful. Disinfection kills viruses, fungi and bacteria but not spores such as tetanus. Disinfection is, therefore, safe for items that are used for some purposes but not for those where all organisms must be destroyed.

Disposables are items designed for single use. Disposables should only be used once and should not be re-used.

Instruments are items used by doctors or surgeons for operations or treatment purposes.

Capital Equipment and durable items that last for several years, e.g. beds, examination tables, sterilisers, microscopes, weighing scales, and bedpans.